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New Year Day Race (SLOW) (2013)

Total entries in series: 7
Number raced: 1 out of 1
Number of discards: 0.

Race 1 - Tuesday 1st January 2013

Wind WNW 3 -5 Sea Slight Course VA x 2 out side Harbour. Race Officer Robin Lobb

Handicap using PY

Helmsman Sail Crew Time Class H'cap Adj time Points
1st Chris Wilkinson 577 Scow 1500 1.00
2nd Will Toogood 629 Scow 1500 2.00
3rd David Earee 601 Scow 1500 3.00
4th Rob Orr 537 Scow 1500 4.00
5th Bob Stevens 549 Scow 1500 5.00
6th Michael Quinn 555 Scow 1500 6.00
7th Don Guidon 525 Scow 1500 7.00

If more than one class of boat is sailed by one helmsman in a series, the boat in the first race will be shown in the series table.

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