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Evening Fast Handicap (2015)

Total entries in series: 16
Number raced: 8 out of 9
Number of discards: 3.

Race 2 - Thursday 28th May 2015

Race Officer Ian Thompson. Course O Y # x 3. Wind Force 4 SW. Lovely Bright Sunny Evening with a good breeze made for some good racing between the two Solos. Unfortunately Gary Smart retired in the Bahia after getting the spinnaker caught.

Handicap using PY

Helmsman Sail Crew Time Class H'cap Adj time Points
1st Martyn Davies 5267 Solo 1146 1.00
2nd Gareth Jones 4177 Solo 1146 2.00
3rd Garry Smart 132 Rocio Garcia Laser Bahia 1100 4.00 DNF
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