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EWCC Regatta Slow (2017)

Total entries in series: 4
Number raced: 2 out of 2
Number of discards: 0.

Race 1 - Saturday 5th August 2017

force 3 course o#G times not recorded for either of 2 races but places above awarded

Handicap using PY

Helmsman Sail Crew Time Class H'cap Adj time Points
1st Jonathan Plumtree 237 Hartley H12 Race (single Handed) 1330 1.00
2nd Sarah Gabbani Laser Pico SH (training sail) 1403 2.00
3rd Dan McGechie Laser Pico SH (training sail) 1403 3.00
4th John Gabbani 4 Hartly H10 1450 4.00
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