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PB03/17 RYA Powerboat Level 2 (2017)

Number of students: 6
Number of sessions: 3 out of 3

Name S1 S2 S3 Attendances Passed
Molly Gradidge 1 1 1 3 yes
William Bloxam 1 1 1 3 yes
Alex Goudime 1 1 1 3 yes
Daisy Chetwynd-Talbot 1 1 1 3 yes
Milo Chetwynd-Talbot 1 1 1 3 yes
Ella Gradidge 1 1 1 3 yes
Totals 66618 6

Event 1 - Monday 14th August 2017
Instructors Jerry and Laurence. 1400 - 1630 hrs theory inputs. Clothing buoyancy, Hull Types, Engines and drives, anchors, Buoyage, Col Regs, Tides / tables and flows.

Event 2 - Tuesday 15th August 2017
Instructors Laurence and Robin. Practical PB2 sessions. Intro to boats, safety equip, running up and shutting down, slow speed, holding off, picking up and leaving a mooring, Anchoring, coming alongside, turning in confined space, planning speed, MOB.

Event 3 - Wednesday 16th August 2017
Instructors Jerry and Laurence. Displacement boat, inline tow, hip tow, PB2 refresh of existing skills. Charts and passage planning. Plots fix on charts, Lat and Long, GPS. Plot a short passage and complete, using PS, on board compas and hand bearing compass.

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