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Latest races

Frostbite (Sun) Scow (race 6) - Sunday 21st October 2018
Frostbite (Sun) Scow (race 5) - Sunday 21st October 2018
Frostbite (Sun) Handicap (race 6) - Sunday 21st October 2018

Race series in 2018

Click on the series names for results.

Series name entries races 1st 2nd 3rd
Autumn Series Handicap 25 8 Peter Hayward Sam Steward Grainne Andrews
Autumn Series Scow 11 8 Jodi Spence Andy Pavey Paul Gould
Barts Bash 25 1 Peter Hayward Grainne Andrews Sarah Gabbani
Barts Bash Saturday Fast 9 2 Sam Steward Paul Smith Tony Burton
Barts Bash Saturday Slow 8 2 Chris Wilkinson Paul Gould James Gabbani
BHYC Regatta Laser 4.7 10 1 Ellen Weir Aaron Crutchfield Elizabeth Butler
BHYC Regatta Optimist 5 1 Henry Landon Paloma Crutchfield Tom Biddle
BHYC Regatta Sat and Sun Scows 13 1 Anne Barlow Oliver Morgan Francesca Morgan
BHYC Regatta Sat and Sun. Fast Handicap 24 1 Peter Hayward Arthur Farley Martyn Davies
BHYC Regatta Swan 3 1 Clive Spash Polly Schafer Paul Smith
BHYC Reggata Slow Handicap 6 1 unknown Jan Webb Lily Harding
Breakfast Series Handicap 3 2 Graham Andrews Ben Donald Cliff Harrison
Breakfast Series Scow 0 1
Easter Series Handicap 18 8 Peter Hayward William Morris Kristian Schafer
Easter Series Scow 8 9 Paul Gould Andy Pavey Sarah Jane Weigall
Evening Series Handicap 18 9 Duncan Bates Graham Andrews Gareth Jones
Evening Series Scow 13 9 Anne Barlow Chris Wilkinson Paul Gould
Frostbite (Sat) Handicap 8 2 Stuart Gummer Peter Hayward Jonathan Plumtree
Frostbite (Sat) Scow 8 2 Oliver Morgan James Gabbani Peter Hayward
Frostbite (Sun) Handicap 9 6 Sam Steward Gareth Jones Steve DeBoise
Frostbite (Sun) Scow 6 6 Keith Gentleman Chris Wilkinson Mike Bottoms
Fun Race 1 Handicap Oct 14th 8 1 Martyn Davies Stuart Gummer Kristian Schafer
Fun Race 1 Scow Oct 14th 4 1 Peter Hayward Chris Wilkinson James Gabbani
Fun Race 2 Handicap Oct 14th 8 1 Kristian Schafer Martyn Davies Chris Sproat
Fun Race 2 Scow Oct 14th 4 1 Chris Wilkinson Oliver Morgan James Gabbani
Fun Races - Handicap 5 1 Gareth Jones Kristian Schafer Ron Elliott
Fun Races - Scow 9 1 Oliver Morgan Chris Wilkinson Paul Gould
Governor's Trophy Race 10 1 Peter Hayward Jonathan Plumtree Steve Lymn
Icebreaker Series Scows 13 10 Peter Hayward Graeme Bowen Andy Pavey
Icebreaker Series Slow Handicap 15 10 Phil Wright Dawn Bee Steve Kimpton
Kingfisher Handicap 12 6 Peter Hayward Gareth Jones Steve Lymn
Kingfisher Scow 11 6 Chris Wilkinson Anne Barlow Keith Gentleman
Ladies Races 7 1 Sarah Gabbani Polly Schafer Grainne Andrews
Long Distance Races 6 1 Peter Hayward Stuart Gummer Jonathan Plumtree
New Year Day Race 0 1
Pursuit Race (September) 13 1 Grainne Andrews Stuart Gummer Chris Sproat
RNLI Pennant Race Handicap 4 1 Peter Hayward Chris Sproat Steve Lymn
RNLI Pennant Race Scow 4 1 Anne Barlow Keith Gentleman Andy Pavey
Spence Willard Series Handicap 13 8 Peter Hayward Graham Andrews Richard Hall
Spence Willard Series Scow 10 8 Paul Gould Chris Wilkinson James Gabbani
Spring Series Handicap 16 10 Peter Hayward Kristian Schafer Grainne Andrews
Spring Series Scow 13 10 Chris Wilkinson Jodi Spence Paul Gould
Summer Series Handicap 17 8 Peter Hayward Kristian Schafer Gareth Jones
Summer Series Scow 12 8 Andy Pavey Chris Wilkinson Estelle Rayment

fixtures abandoned or not raced in 2018

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