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Race series in 2013

Click on the series names for results.

Series name entries races 1st 2nd 3rd
Autumn Fast Handicap (SUN) 13 6 Roger Herbert Marten Springett Paul Smith
Autumn Scow (SUN) 7 6 Barry Dyer Oliver Morgan Francesca Morgan
Breakfast Race 6 1 Paul Smith Stuart Schofield Chris Wilkinson
Christmas Cracker Fast Handicap 0 1
Christmas Cracker Slow Handicap 0 1
Easter Fast Handicap 6 5 Martyn Davies Steve DeBoise Simon Cooper
Easter Scow 7 5 David Earee Barry Dyer Fergal Finlay
Evening Fast Handicap 19 8 Martyn Davies Duncan Bates Gareth Jones
Evening Scow and Slow Handicap 13 8 David Earee Anne Barlow Robin Lobb
Frostbite Fast Handicap (SAT) 6 6 Martin Moore Gareth Jones Steve DeBoise
Frostbite Fast Handicap (SUN) 11 6 Martyn Davies Giles Easter Richard Coleman
Frostbite Scow (SAT) 5 6 Mike Bottoms Chris Wilkinson Barry Dyer
Frostbite Scows (SUN) 10 6 Mike Bottoms Barry Dyer Chris Wilkinson
Governor's Trophy 8 1 Giles Easter Gareth Jones Chris Wilkinson
Icebreaker 20 12 Graeme Bowen Barry Dyer Martin Moore
Long Distance Race: Fast Handicap 5 1 Duncan Bates Chris Wilkinson John Carter
Long Distance Race: Slow Handicap 0 1
New Year Day Race (FAST) 4 1 Duncan Bates Martyn Davies Richard Coleman
New Year Day Race (SLOW) 7 1 Chris Wilkinson Will Toogood David Earee
Pico Challenge Spring 2 2 S Spencer Brading Kiran Beckett
Pursuit Race 10 2 Gareth Jones Paul Smith Steve Lymn
RNLI Pennant Race 13 1 Martyn Davies Anne Barlow Chris Wilkinson
Spring Fast Handicap 16 7 Martyn Davies Simon Cooper Roger Herbert
Spring Scow 11 7 David Earee Barry Dyer Chris Wilkinson
Spring Slow Handicap 1 5 Rowan Wanstall
Summer Fast Handicap (SAT) 6 8 Roger Herbert Mike Toogood Anne Barlow
Summer Fast Handicap (SUN) 24 16 Gareth Jones Chris Wilkinson Steve DeBoise
Summer Slow Handicap (SAT) 7 8 Barry Dyer Oliver Morgan Mike Toogood
Summer Slow Handicap (SUN) 19 16 David Earee Graham Sutton Anne Barlow
Swan 4 11 Robin Lobb Paul Smith Anne Barlow
Wayfarer 5 11 Roger Herbert John Carter Jonathan Hoare

fixtures abandoned or not raced in 2013

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